Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Post 8: The Good Things

During your MS student-life, once you get settled its fun, real fun.

-You have total freedom, enjoy this freedom in a good way, do not lose track
-You have good amount of activities going on other than academics
-You have a chance to do a few crazy things which you never thought you would do
-Few of them will follow Indian timings, few of them will follow American and a few of them will even follow     Vietnamese timings :)

Few things that I happened to enjoy -
- Eating ice-cream at 3-4 am in the night
- Calling everyone, waking them up at 4:30am to go have donuts
- Walking in knee deep snow at midnight to grab hot-chocolate
- Carrying 10 bags(covers) on both shoulders for a mile and a half because we didn't want to waste $4 on a taxi
- Two of us unknowingly finishing up food-stuff from a big cooker because we kept waiting for others and they were late to turn-up for food
- Listening to guitar/other instruments played by others from 3:00 am to 5:00 am
- Get a chance to play almost everyday in the evening, (if others are not sleeping)
- Have days when you sleep for upto 14 hours and have days when you work from 12 noon to 6am for a project
- Go jogging on the streets at 4:00 am because the breeze was good and the weather was awesome.
- Play cricket when its 0 degree Celsius outside and your hands are freezing!

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