Sunday, April 7, 2013

Post 11: I am not getting an Internship/Job call

Another common thing we all come across - "I have applied to many places, but I am not getting any calls for interviews". These are challenging times for you and easier said than done you need to calm down. Remember, there are hundreds of people in your position, you are not alone. You just have to keep at it with your other stuff going on.

I am no resume critique expert, but having seen quite a few people through this, I can just give possible suggestions. In my view first thing to happen is you should believe in yourself.
1. You should believe that you are good enough to get a job in the area you want
2. You should understand that no one can stop you from getting a job if you are good enough.

My personal experience says that if you believe the above, its not too difficult to find a job. Of-course you need to be lucky as well, but you need to do your part first, that is to work in the right direction.

In general what I feel about resume are -
1. Make it easily readable by most people. ( They say that times new roman with font size 11 or 12 is easily readable by most people)
2. Its always repeated because it is one of the most important things, know your resume well
3. You should make efforts to your prepare for your interview unless you trust your luck or you are a genius or know your stuff thoroughly. Your preparation will be evident when you give an interview. In case they find that you are not prepared, they will think if you cant prepare for an interview for the company, how will you manage your job in the company.
4. Make sure you state your projects and its descriptions well.
5. I am not a big fan of keeping your resume short as long as there is nothing unreasonable, but that's my personal opinion.
6. Keep making the effort from your side, at some point of time things will click, that is nature!

One word of caution I would suggest - do not lose your sleep, its very important. Your health is your biggest wealth. In my case I always try to manage 8 hours of continuous sleep in any situation. That is important to me. Different people have different requirements and you should work accordingly.

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